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We are a network and community of practical training professionals

About Smart Train

SMART-TRAIN is dedicated to providing the most effective training system to enhance Small to Medium Enterprise businesses in New Zealand. Unique in that we use a combination of Diagnostic Profiling, Workshops, Online Support, and Coaching to ensure that change is sustainable, and growth is better enabled through our processes. 

More than 40 years of experience, technique, and research has been applied in a cost-effective manner that really works within the unique pressures that small businesses face in New Zealand – this is the foundation of SMART-TRAIN.

We are a team, headed by founder Rod Large, with experience across many industries and companies from a team of six to 6,000, and even 60,000 employees.  We’re part of a networked community of people dedicated to improving small business performance. 

Our specialist areas include: 

Franchises | SMEs | Corporate | Construction | Retail | Manufacturing | Service 


We also offer you a special networking opportunities within our connections, not only regionally but also nationally and internationally.  Our connections are vast, and when we can see potential benefits to ‘connect the dots’ for our people, we’ll do that.  Because we believe that community spirit is essential in making business work for everyone.  

It’s easy – just pick up the phone (09) 414-4190 or email Rod Large, and you’re on the road to success! 


Our system is designed to offer an affordable way for people  to start redefining their expectations, developing new attitudes, and changing habits to become success focused for your best outcomes and results. 

Our  process starts with a skills analysis of you and your team so we can assess the knowledge and experience gaps to ensure the programme can be put together to best fit your needs.

You and/or your management team will attend a three day leadership and management workshop where you will not only learn key skills for these roles but also how to implement the training programmes with your staff.

Access to our online training solutions is the next key component to this system.

You will be given 24/7 access to these materials initially for a minimum of two years, and can be for as long as you feel you need them depending on your staff training needs as your business grows. This is provided for an affordable monthly fee.

These modules can be used as part of a structured staff training programme within your organisation or as self-paced learning by individuals. We provide you with measurement information regarding the usage of the programme so you can monitor who is doing what.

We have a growing range of new programmes being developed and you will also be given access to these if you need them.

At the same time you will also have available one-on-one coaching to ensure you are making the best use of the programme, access to our bi-monthly networking meetings and partner discounts.

Outcomes from workshop:

All staff now have a clearly defined structure for each
job with KPIs.  
New Organisational Chart, Ongoing Commitment FFP,  Customer Service, Lean – For Coaching
Contractors, and 
 Quarterly online coaching.

Richard Smith, CEO Logic FSL