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Smart-Train uses profiling tools to ensure that the organisation leadership has a clear picture of the profile of the the organisation and each of the team members that contribute to that organisations well-being. We searched high and low for a comprehensive set of appropriate tools to use for this, and then found it was actually most efficient and effective to create our own in association with our Fortune Group liaisons. Rod Large, our founder, has a post graduate degree in behavioural studies having trained with Dr David Merrill, one of the acknowledged pioneers in the science of behavioural analysis.


Smart-Train Systems provide both live and Webinar workshops. These sessions are highly interactive and require participants to fully engage with the learning process.

We offer both multi-client and customised sessions to meet the specific needs identified in the Profile Process


All Smart-Train programmes including workshops, utilise our online programmes. We recognise that one exposure to a new idea does not always achieve behaviour change.

Over 40 years of developing interactive systems we know there are 4 feelings participants experience in the development process:


When it’s time to get clear on what’s really working in your business, that means exploring everything from resource management, getting the best people doing their best work, managers managing processes that work, and leadership developed for the good of your company.

When a participant returns to workplace after completing a training workshop/programme, it becomes easy to slip back into old behaviour patterns or habits. The Smart-Train coaching process is based on two simple edicts

  • “What gets measured – gets improved”
  • “People do not respect what you expect, they respect what you inspect”

Therefore Smart-Train provides regular webinar coaching to clearly review actions taken post workshop/training and identifies areas where further action is required. We also provide regular visits and tests as required. Our webinar is targeted at line managers and is designed to reinforce the 4 – Stage Learning Process.