Some truly meaningful courses are Awakening The Spirit, True Communication,
True Engagement, Making the right decisions, Walking the Talk, It’s how you get
back up that counts

Culture of Modern Leadership

Today’s leaders must create the Culture of their business based on key values


Awakening The Spirit

Only by looking inside ourselves shall we find the strength to meet life’s challenges.


Smart Train Mana Ako Wairua
Maori and Polynesian Training and Development

• Naumai ki taku whakaaturanga mo
te whakaoho I to tatou wairua
• Ko Tipene Tamati ahau.
• No Waitohi ki Te Waipounamu ahau.
• Kei Tauranga Moana ahau e noho ana e maha ana
• No te whanau tekau ahau
• Mei Waiharakeikei me Waitohi taku whanau inaianei

He toku matua
• Ko te waka – Takitimu
• Ko te maunga – Tahu Mata
• Ko te awa – Okana
• Ko te Moana – Maha nui
• Ko te hapu – Irakehu
• Ko te iwi – Ngai Tahu
• Ko te marae – Wairewa

He toku whaea
• Ko te waka – Tainui
• Ko te maunga – Tokomaru
• Ko te awa – Wairau
• Ko te moana – Raukawa
• Ko te hapu – Paretona
• Ko te Iwi – Ngati Rarua
• Ko te marae – Wairau Hauhunga
• Hoki here toto ki Te Atiawa, Ngati
Tama, Ngati Toa Rangatira
Tena koutou katoa


School Certificate
University Entrance
ZNIM Management Diploma
Master Trainer Fortune Group
IIF Trainer Health and Safety
Continuous Improvement Black Belt
Prison Programme Director, Northland
Thirty years Transport industry
Training and Facilitation experience over twenty years

Smart Train Proof

25 years ago I was the National Trainer in a large Transport and Logistics Company. Smart Train came in and proved they had a point of difference in the changing of peoples behaviour. Training was not a one off event. To really change peoples behaviour you must follow a process of continuing to stay in touch with the trainees on the content of the training day. Review the results of training put into practise. Assist in the continuous hikoi of putting new learning into practise at the coal face. Because of the large success of this training process, here I am 26 years later, a Director of an affiliated company to Smart Train.

Why Smart Train Mana Ako Wairua

With my 20 years back ground in training most Maori and Polynesian workers, it is the lessons I learn’t from here that I created some Training Modules to change some paradyms.

Phrases like – I don’t want to leave my mates, they don’t want to promote a brown fella bro, I’m scared of the interview, my twenty years and faultless attendance they should have given me the job, I don’t like bossing people around, those bosses won’t respect me bro, I’m too scared bro, I don’t belong up there bro, I know the job bro but don’t like the computers aye.

Our empathy and ability to change mind set to a behaviour where required for an improvement of position, makes us an ideal choice for interested companies. We also understand the importance learning by Kanaesthetic method versus visual and oratory. Especially Polynesian success. Understanding from experience to get successful training imbedded to an audiance, there has to be a process. Other wise all our mahi will be treated as an event. Everything taught will not be mostly captured. We have to stay in contact with our trainees after the training event. We review the content with them, we share experiences of their new Accountable Leadership in the work space and advise new actions and feelings. Normally once a month for six months. A proven success process.

Extra in the Training content we coach how to reach our Mana when under stress, place of indecision and the need to step into conflict situations. Very important to those of us who suffer from self doubt. Connected to this, we train how to get up and present a topic to a group or team.

Ma te Atua tatou katoa e manaaki