Strong Roots for Good Growth

One of our major mistakes is to concentrate on the RESULTS instead of influencing the THINKING. All growth comes from the roots and the roots of good performing people is their THINKING. CHALLENGING THE THINKING OF OUR PEOPLE IS THE REAL KEY TO...

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The “Nodding Dog Syndrome”

To avoid the "Nodding Dog Syndrome" where people just attend training, but don't remember or want to use the ideas given, it is important to follow up the training every time with these key questions:What did you learn?How do you think what you have learn...

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“What’s wrong with my performance?”

It's another one of those paradigm shifts. With technology driving change at exponential rates, your staff should be banging down your door to ensure their skills are current and they are performing to the best of their abilities. To do this...

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Stress and Heart Attack – What’s the connection?

Did you know that 'STRESS' is one of the major causes of heart disorders. People who are not part of the Continuous Improvement Process, will also be stressed when they are just told they have to go to training - So avoid your stress, and their...

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Building strong work relationships

Spending 20 minutes per month with each of your direct reports will uncover so much and will show your staff you really care about them as individuals. This time provides you with an opportunity to get to know each other better. Your staff...

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Repetition is the motor of learning

Do you ever meet a top athlete or sportsperson who became top of their field with only one training session? I only ever met on back in my football days and that was George Best. but even he admitted he didn't get paid if he didn't turn up to training...

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Continuous improvement

People often think of training as 'One Shot Wonders'. They send people on a course without setting the stage properly and wonder when nothing improves. Continuous improvement only occurs when the participants "buy-in". Therefore, the process must include...

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Leadership Responsibilities

When I ask managers "what are your key responsibilities?" I often get told - "to make a profit'. A somewhat simplistic answer, because often they fail to recognise that profits primarily come from the actions of people. So it is important to recognise that...

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Should we increase training?

If you analyse the top performing businesses around the world, you'll find a common denominator - Commitment to ongoing training whatever the situation. cutting training investment is like cutting off one hand and trying to work one handed -...

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Why do we over-react to COVID?

COVID strikes again and of course businesses are cutting costs immediately - Stop adverts - cut staff- stop training. Crazy decisions and total over reactions. It happened after  the '87 crash, 9/11 and the global financial crisis. BUT the results...

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Upcoming Events & Workshops

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    October 14 - October 15
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