Corporate Training Just Got Critically Important

When things get ‘back to normal’ in 2020 what shape will your people be in?

What Are You Most Afraid Of?

We’re facing one of our toughest years in modern history.   Between bushfires in Australia, drought on both sides of the Tasman, and now lockdowns due to Coronavirus.  What this means to many of us is a wait and see time where we can either scratch our heads and wait, or get busy preparing for the resurgence – and history shows that this is something we will bounce back from.  Some of us better than others.

Now – is the ideal time to focus on upskilling – for yourself, your employees, and your business in general. Now is also the ideal time to embrace online technology and training options that are focused, easy to implement and manage across all teams including those working from home, and for you the managers and entrepreneurs, to maximise your ability to get the most out of your recharged teams when it’s time to get back to work.


Our Online System Consists of FOUR Parts:


To identify skill improvement needs

4x Corporate Specific Programs

Modules delivered online with coaching support for your managers.

Access to Key Leadership Webinars to fully maximise this program

Workbooks and Assessments, plus a HOW TO video coaching tool.


In contrast to the popular myth, leaders are trained not born. Following tried and tested methodology used by many of the world’s best known companies for over 40 years, Smart Train have developed a simple, easy to use program that provides Leaders and Managers with a roadmap for ongoing success, how to spot the common major mistakes made, and how to cure them.


According to the latest Management studies 70% of employee performance issues are directly related to their recruitment, let alone the time and cost of recruitment and training only to have staff leave within 12 months, and the process begins again.

Smart Train provides you with a proven process to minimise risk and maximise the potential of every new recruit.

P.A.I.D  I.F.

“The P.A.I.D. I.F. Process” is specifically designed as a coaching tool for managers to help them achieve and maintain high levels of performance from their sales teams. “The P.A.I.D. I.F. Process” is so named to challenge salespeople into realising that they will only get PAID IF they follow the process detailed in the coaching modules. The P.A.I.D. I.F. Process seeks to ensure salespeople recognise that in today’s information intensive environment, those that can relate to their clients, recognise their different social style, and communicate accordingly, will be less reliant on ‘walk in’ sales. Instead, they build a network of clients who do not see the salesperson as the enemy. Rather, the salesperson is more akin to a doctor – providing solutions to problems, not peddling products.


Structuring the job for success, is the first of the four main topics in this program. Along with the others, Training For Results, Coaching Them To Solo and Confronting Poor Performance, they provide a details toolbox of simples and useable process’s to maximise any teams performance.

This program gives your team the practical tools to make sure they know what the job is, how to do it, and removes any barriers to their success. And most importantly the system provides your Managers with diagnostic tools to make sure they know what the issue is, and how to cure it.

What Could be Easier?

$99 per person per program gets you all this, delivered in-house, with workbooks, assessments, and both online and direct support for your managers when needed.


  • Leadership
  • Recruitment
  • Performance and KPIs


  • Performance Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Recruitment, Interviewing, Selection
  • Team Building


  • Better staff retention
  • More engaged employees
  • Performance and processes


You’ll see a difference in your recruitment, performance, via KPIs and Tracking (within six months) using our processes or your money back