The YEAR of MAKE or BREAK for Managers

Staff Training can make all the difference – because when things get back to ‘normal’ it’s going to be even more competitive than ever before. 

What Are You Most Afraid Of?

We’re facing one of our toughest years in modern history.   Between bush fires in Australia, drought on both sides of the Tasman, and now the impact of COVID19, we’ve had our challenges.  What this means to many of us is a wait and see time where we can either scratch our heads and wait, or get busy preparing for the resurgence – and history shows that this is something we will bounce back from.  Some of us better than others.

Now – is the ideal time to focus on upskilling – for yourself, your employees, and your business in general. Now is also the ideal time to embrace online technology and training options that are focused, easy to implement and manage across all teams including those working from home, and for you the managers and entrepreneurs, to maximise your ability to get the most out of your recharged teams when it’s time to get back to work.


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Our Online System Consists of FOUR Parts


to identify skill improvement needs

4x SME Specific Programs

A total of 20 Modules delivered online

Access to Key Leadership Webinars to fully maximise this program

Workbooks and Assessments, plus a HOW TO video coaching tool.

Customer Centered Selling takes the sales assistants to new levels of selling skills. Customer Centered Selling is a programme for retail sales that embraces a new way of selling. From the old-style features/benefits/close to diagnosis/solution/open accounts. Recognition that today’s customer does not want to be SOLD – they want to be helped.

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teCustomer service is where we can best meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, and this requires a cultural shift around understanding them, and servicing their needs based on our understanding of what those are. This course is all about how we do that, to create a culture of service that leads to lifelong customers who become our best advocates. Customers who return and refer to us often and recommend us too.

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Understanding how LEAN works for small to medium businesses, including the Principles of Lean, 9 Forms of Waste, and Value Mapping the Process.

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A guide to the processes, systems and controls required in today’s highly compulsion-oriented marketplace.

A programme to ensure all SMEs comply with regulations and in turn ensure total safety for employees, customers and contractors.

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What Could be Easier?

$99 per month Plus GST (min 12 months) gets you all this, delivered inhouse for as many people as you wish to deliver it to… renew every year if you want to.

Your purchase will give you access to a link where you can download the programs for your team to view.  Passcodes will be updated regularly for security purposes.

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  • Performance Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Recruitment, Interviewing, Selection
  • Team Building


  • Better staff retention
  • More engaged customers
  • Repeat business


Money back – if you follow our process, and you don’t see a difference in customer satisfaction rates, H&S stats, and staff retention in the first 6 months.