The Other F Word

In 2009 Rod Large wrote The Other F Word – and in the last 10 years the world has changed in all kinds of ways.  Not least, there are new ways of thinking and doing many things relative to sales and customer relationships, largely due to the impact of Social Media, Amazon, and how much more impatient many of us get about achieving things, or buying the latest anything.

Online bullying, workplace PC, and rules that may once have been longed for and never truly anticipated for social behaviour have evolved – for example, it’s now becoming a commonplace for healthy snacks available and mental health days offered by many companies. Casual Friday’s are also a lot more regular through the rest of the week, and our smartphones are rarely out of most people’s hands for long.

And so 10 years on, and it was time to UPDATE The Other F Word.   Even such a title is less ‘controversial’ for many people of all ages these days – but the content is still of excellent value for most people wanting to better understand the relationship between success and failure, and the habits we create that impact on this.

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