Workshops + Online Programmes + Coaching Support!

When you sign up for the Smart-Train Difference, here’s what you and your teams get to help develop your company and take your training further.

  • 1, 2, or 3 day workshops where we work through the fundamentals of management, strategic direction for you and your people, and amr you with the resources to unlock their potential.
  • The Smart-Training SME Program.
    1. This features four programs developed especially with the Small to Medium Enterprise in mind.  SME’s are different to large companies not just because their hierarchy is often multi layered (compared to an SME that might have fewer levels of management in it’s structure) but also many roles within an SME are likely to be multi-faceted and shared.
    2. Each of the programs are designed to be short, intensive, and supported with online and offline aspects of them. Each also has built in KPIs and measurable outcomes that can be tracked.
    3. Each is designed to be delivered over several weeks, with your team members able to log in and view the short videos, work through the accompanying workbooks, and discuss the modules with their supervisors/managers and have some additional coaching to ensure full understanding of all the material.
    4. The initial workshop is also aimed at ensuring the sustainable growth and development of your company is enabled so that as your team members work through the training programs at their level, managers and owners are able to work through their own levels of supporting systems for all stakeholders.

The Courses:

Each module features a 2-4 minute quick video, and short workbook.  All up, if each module is worked on week at a time, no more than a 30 minute per week commitment is needed by each individual staff member, and managers are encouraged to discuss materials covered with their individual team members at weekly meetings – again, keeping things short and simple, but very effective.


ALL our programmes are also supported by FREE Diagnostic Profiles that help you to evaluate your team member’s skills and strengths before starting the process of upskilling.  This means that each person can more directly target their learning towards what they will most benefit from within our programmes. 

CLICK HERE for access to the FREE Diagnostic Profiling section on our website

Get the first module of Customer Centered Selling HERE.  FREE 

NEW ‘HANDS OFF’ Business Training Solutions

If you think you’re too busy for attending workshops, and working within the support framework we offer SME’s we can also now offer you a solution where you can self-train your teams, using our programmes, and opt in as you want or need to for workshops and coaching support. 

This option will be of special interest to businesses with very small teams, or those who have inhouse training systems already developed but want specific training materials to deliver for smooth, fast, and dedicated outcomes. 

Our all new SUBSCRIPTION options works like this: 

12 month (min) subscription of $99 per month, gives you access to our four part Programme (Customer Centred Selling, Extending Customer Expectations, Health and Safety, and LEAN Operations) so your own people can deliver the training as and when required.  

Workbooks are included, and you can opt in for coaching and support, or to attend any of our workshops as you wish to. 

Get the first module of Customer Centred Selling HERE.  FREE 



Customer Centered Selling Modules include:

  • Developing new habits
  • The tree of knowledge
  • Six steps for handling customer complaints
  • Listening to the customers’ needs, wants, concerns
  • Understanding different types of customers and how to best work with them.
  • Transactional selling styles

Exceeding Customer Expectations Modules Include:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Selling with Empathy
  • Effective questions
  • Communication when selling – Listening skills
  • Communication styles for different customer types
  • Overcoming roadblocks to success
  • Creating customers for life

LEAN Modules Include:

  • What LEAN means
  • The Nine parts of being LEAN
  • The 5S principle
  • Value Mapping
  • Extending the process of Lean in any SME

Health and Safety Modules Include:

  • The role of H&S in any organisation
  • Who is responsible and what that means
  • Creating and Implementing a sustainable H&S plan

To see a sample of these courses and their content, please get in touch today for an obligation free consultation with one of our team, and we’ll talk through the programs’ suitability for your company – and if you’re in New Zealand, you may be eligible for NZTE funding assistance to introduce the Smart-Train difference into your organisation.