Post COVID19 how many businesses are going to fail????? Is this just because of the Pandemic or were these businesses only just keeping their heads above water and potentially doomed to failure eventually anyway?

In my book “The Other ‘F’ Word” I examine the most common failures we inflict on ourselves.

  • the Failure to accept Personal Accountability
  • the Failure of Procrastination and Complacency
  • the Failure of Loss of Purpose and Lack of Planning.

All these failures are self induced, but lots of businesses operators may have had their heads in the sand and are saying it’s down to COVID19.

As someone whose experienced both the 1987 Stock Market Crash and the Global Financial Crisis of 2008/9 and now COVID19 I know these challenges can be overcome. I’ve worked with hundreds of managers and owners who have looked in the mirror and said as Pogo once said, “We’ve identified the enemy and they is US”. So if you want to lift yourself up – go to Our Programmes and see how our Self Development programme can help you help yourself.