It’s another one of those paradigm shifts. With technology driving change at exponential rates, your staff should be banging down your door to ensure their skills are current and they are performing to the best of their abilities. To do this however, they need to first know what you are all trying to achieve, then how you expect to do this and finally what part do they play in all of this. With all this in place, there are a range of tools that can help you focus on the specific needs of individuals within the team. Smart-Train’s profiling tools provide an individual analysis that can be useful in discussing area where training could enhance and improve performance.

Did you employ your staff for their MIND READING abilities. Obviously not. The only way they will know what you need from them is for you to tell or show them. Can they experience what you want, what does that might sound, look, or feel like? Remember not everyone takes in information in the same way. If you’ve spent time finding out who your staff are, you will have some sense of what might work for them when it comes to communicating. If you’re still not sure Smart-Train has tools to help.